White Runtz Strain


This rare strain hails from the Bay Area. It’s a sweet, fruity, and creamy strain known for its powerfully creative head high.

This is the perfect strain for spending a long afternoon crafting or hanging out with friends, combined with a relaxing body buzz.


White runtz strain is a  hybrid strain which is the favorite of Runtz fans, fans of citrus, and anyone who craves stress relief. Like most Runtz strains, it has Gelato and Zkittlez in its genetic lineage, the results, in this case, being creamy, sleepy, fruity, and a bag of giggles.

White Runtz’s effect is a calming, tingly sense of relaxation. It starts traveling up your back, up to your neck, and then proceeds to relax your whole body. This makes the strain perfect for watching movies, going to a spa and getting a massage, or doing nothing at all. The flavor is full of notes of tropical citrus, earth, and sweet cream. It’s a major kick-back that gives you the chance to enjoy your evening by feeling creative and relaxed without having to contend with your normal dose of stress and anxiety.


White Runtz is a particular favorite for sufferers of chronic pain conditions due to its ability to relieve muscle cramps and spasms. Chronic issues related to back pain, menstrual issues, arthritis, and more can be helped by relieving muscle tension using a dose of White Runtz. The bonus is that you’ll get to see what all the fuss is about with the famous tropical cream and fruity earth flavors. You may not be able to grow it for yourself, but if you go to the source, you’ll be able to learn its secrets.

My highs with Runtz and White Runtz have been very similar, but while it can be difficult to distinguish one from the other, it’s hard to deny the increased visual appeal and slightly sweeter flavor that White Runtz carries. Those sour Pixy Stix qualities are stronger in live and solventless extractions, and the high is even more intense. However, I prefer to stay in the flower lane, given how many talented growers have taken on White Runtz.


Oz, Qp, Hp, 1Lb

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