Rythm Relax 1g Cartridges


Rythm cannabis is some of the highest quality flower with reliable genetics and these products deserve a worthy spot in the inventory lineup. Shop Rythm cannabis flower, vape carts, and more on our Williamstown menu. Or scroll to read strain reviews and learn about the best Rhythm strains available for sale in Massachusetts.

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Rythm Relax 1g Cartridges

Rythm Relax 1g Cartridges use the highest quality, full-spectrum cannabis oil, enhanced with superior CCELL hardware. These indica-dominant and strain-specific full-plant extracts contain no fillers, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or additives. Pairs perfectly with a rythm 510 thread battery!

RYTHM offers a full collection of true-to-plant products, including RYTHM cannabis, RYTHM vapes, and RYTHM concentrates. The brand is known for honoring the plant no matter what type of product it is that you try, which has made RYTHM one of the most prominent names in cannabis. RYTHM offers a massive collection that boasts hundreds of products.

Rythem Vapes

RYTM offers a full collection of cannabis vapes, including both disposable RYTHM vape pens and CO2 cartridges. Whether you pick up a disposable vape pen or the brand’s CO2 cartridges, you’re getting full-spectrum CO2 oil that contains 100 percent strain-specific terpenes. So, the end result is a vape experience as close to the natural plant as possible. Each RYTHM vape is named for the strain it is made from. Top options include.

Rythm is one of the most popular cannabis brands in the US that produces everything you need to start your “flower” journey.

While there are companies out there that specialize in producing one type of product from the whole vaping industry, Rythm is definitely not one of them. They got everything covered since they manufacture everything cannabis-related.

They have both disposable vapes and rechargeable batteries onto which you can screw their 510-thread oil vape cartridges, which means you are free to see if vaping is your thing without investing much money but also fully commit to it if you like it.

Both of these types of vapes are a great way to consume cannabis in a more discreet fashion, especially if you are into micro-dosing.

If you are someone who likes PAX vape pods, we have great news for you: Rythm produces pods that work with PAX devices. In other words, you can have the PAX Era technology and the rich flavors of Rythm’s Pax pods at the same time.

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Gelato, White Durban, Sour Diesel, 3 Chems, Ice Cream Cake, Grape Stomper, Sherb Mint, Love Affair, Kush Mountains, Jet Fuel

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