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Mendo Breath is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing OGKB with Mendo Montage. This strain produces a euphoric high with powerful body effects that help relieve pain and discomfort. Mendo Breath smells like sweet vanilla and caramel. While it may be tempting to smoke this strain during the day, its important to save it for after work or before bed. Growers say Mendo Breath comes in dense, frosty buds and has an average flowering time of 60 days.

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Buy Mendo Breath online is a rich indica strain first bred by Gage Green Genetics based out of Oakland and California. This pure indica strain combines heavily has a high  potency healing effects. Mendo Breath is a highly potent strain that is heavy in THC concentration , with THC levels ranging from 19%-24%. This strain is definitely recommended for night-time use. The relaxing, sedating nature of this high has the ability to de-rail any of your day-time plans.


These alluring buds are as beautiful as the illustrious Northern California coast that it hails from. Buy mendo breath online.

The combination of OGKB’s sweet vanilla and caramel notes and Mendo Montage’s grape, candy essence fuse together to create a delectable, salivating terpene profile like no other. Buy mendo breath online.

These days, the appeal of marijuana is stronger than ever, and the act of smoking marijuana itself is a very common occurrence – even Barack Obama once admitted to trying the ganja saying “I didn’t inhale it, and never tried it again.”

If you’re ready to grow your beloved Mendo Breath seeds — you must read below.

In this section, you’ll discover key traits of the Mendo Breath strain. From grow difficulty to yield potential and everything in between, there are ounces of information to discover.

Without further ado, let’s dive into everything you need to grow a bountiful (and resin-drenched) crop of Mendo Breath weed!

The Mendo Breath strain is rated as moderately challenging to grow.

In other words, Mendo Breath can be grown by beginners and professionals. However, new growers must adopt certain techniques to ensure a smooth growing experience. Buy Mendo breath online.

On the other hand, experienced cultivators will have an easy time growing Mendo Breath.

In particular, a moderate dose of balanced nutrients and optimal temperatures are the key to producing a massive harvest of Mendo Breath buds.

If you choose to grow Autoflowering Mendo Breath, you won’t need to worry about lighting schedules since the auto version isn’t dependent on photoperiods.




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