Chem De La Chem


Cream always rises to the top. Just like this Sativa-dominant Hybrid favorite. Chemdog and I95 unite for a rich, complex blend of sweet, earthy flavors. This strain offers a balanced, though substantial head high. Need to stay focused in mid-afternoon or early evening? This is a great go-to for just that.
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Chem De La Chem is a heavy-hitting sativa-dominant strain bred from the notoriously potent Chemdawg and I-95. It has a unique sweet and creamy flavour profile complemented by a spicy aroma with a hint of chemy gasoline. The snowy white pistils and the abundance of crystal trichomes make these fat buds look almost frosted. This is one of our most potent strains, often hitting above 30% THC. FIGR dried flower products are hand selected to ensure dense, high-quality buds in every package.


Though the strain takes as long as 70 days to flower, Chem de la Chem grows with powerful energy, developing colas that are compact and sturdy, leaves that fan out wide and dark, and stems that come in thick and strong. The plant can reach 80cm tall on the high end, covered in dense buds and chunky trichomes, sticky with resin.

GROWERS TIP: It has thick stems are the envy of other strains, since they help the plant hold up its dense colas and make your job as a grower easier. However, stem health is all in the roots, so make sure to use the right mix of nutrients for your phenotype to ensure that your seeds reach their full potential. Creme de la creme

This is a strain for people who need a boost on a busy day. It promotes energy, focus, cerebral clarity, and makes you feel sociable. This makes it great for casually curing a bit of social anxiety but also for general use as a mood-booster before a big day of work. Remote workers can give themselves a mid-day burst of euphoric focus with this strain. Just be warned that those with anxiety issues may have their issues worsened by it. Creme de la creme


Oz, Qp, Hp, 1Lb

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