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Cherry Punch is a hybrid, creative flower that was bred by Symbiotic Genetics, who crossed Cherry AK-47 with Purple Punch. We couldn’t imagine a better duo! This strain has a yield of extra large, compact colas that are heavy in weight and covered in extra adhesive trichomes that stick to your fingers. Cherry Punch’s exterior is dark green and exhibits small amounts of midnight purple leaves. Its aroma is fruity but skunk-like, and has a soft, sweet berry taste that resembles its parent Purple Punch. However, its aroma is not the only attribute Cherry Punch adopted from its parents. Much like an AK-47 strain, the effects are heavy hitting, yet surprisingly productive. Caryophyllene and pinene headline in the terpene department, so the effect keeps you anxiety free and uplifted! Cherry Punch has both psychological and physical benefits that aid with everyday life — talk about a one-two punch!

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Cherry Punch is a high functioning hybrid born from the sativa-minded sweetness of Cherry AK, and the undoubtedly indica Purple Punch. Uplift without anxiety, cozy minus the couchlock, it’s a perfect midday strain that blends the best of both worlds into one cultivar. Great for pick-me-ups and aches and pains, Cherry Punch is a versatile flower from flavor to function, bringing the balance like a berry-soaked breath of fresh air.

The strain really drives home the cherry in its name with a flavor that’s like a full-bodied candy, equal parts grape, blueberry, and cherry candy. Some users report that it tastes a bit like Kool-Aid. The aroma is similar, with strong notes of tart, sweet berries. The flavor is incredibly cool and should work for users of any experience level.

The strain grows into a lovely, dense, minty bud structure that hides a dark purple core. The leaves are purple too, fanning out among long amber hairs and complementing the coat of tiny yet shiny white crystals. It’s a pretty plant.


Black Cherry Punch Cannabis Strain is one of the most potent cannabis strains on the Australian medical market. The first toke gives the consumer tingles from head to toe. While relaxing the body and mind, Black Cherry Punch creates a different world of creativity. These effects aid people suffering from Insomnia or Anxiety. Black cherry punch lives up to its name for both the flavour and taste. The odour offers a fruit like smell, with a taste of black earth cherry. The buds Orange pistils are bright with colour. The leaves are a dense green or purple. Emitting Crystal trichomes all over.

The average Black cherry punch cannabis strain THC Strength is around 20-24% per gram. We recommend consumers read labelling before consumption of this cannabis strain. The Black Cherry Punch is now cultivated right here in Aus!




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