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A cross between Blueberry and Super Silver Haze, this hybrid is a popular strain for its leveling effects. Blue Dream energizes the mind while offering full-body relaxation, making it the perfect choice for both new and veteran patients. With sweet blueberry and earthy aromas, Blue Dream is a perfect daytime choice that provides long-lasting symptom relief without the heavy sedation of other strains. If you seek relief from pain, nausea, depression or any other ailments that require high THC levels, Blue Dream is the one for you.

Blueberry x Super Silver Haze

22 – 27% THC

.1% – .3% CBD

4 – 8% terpenes
beta myrcene, alpha pinene, beta pinene, beta caryophyllene

About this strain

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Blue Dream


Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Blueberry with Haze. This strain produces a balanced high, along with effects such as cerebral stimulation and full-body relaxation. Blue dream is 24% THC but has a low CBD percentage, making this potent strain a fan favorite of both novice and veteran cannabis consumers. In terms of flavor, Blue Dream is reported to smell and taste like sweet berries. Medical marijuana patients often use Blue Dream to treat symptoms of depression, chronic pain, and nausea. According to home grow enthusiasts, this strain has an average flowering time of 67 days and is best suited to grow using the Sea of Green method. Blue Dream originated in California and has since achieved legendary status among West Coast strains and has quickly become one of the most-searched-for strains in the Leafly database. The average price per gram of Blue Dream is $20. Strains similar to Blue Dream include Blue Dream CBD, Double Dream, and Blue Magoo.

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Buy Blue Dream Australia (also known as Azure Haze), is a powerful cross between the classical strains Blueberry and Haze, its a sativa  dominant strain covered with lots of mystery. Blue Dream has a  stellar taste and brilliant intellectual highness. Blue Dream has cemented its reputation as one of the best West Coast strain, despite being a “baby” strain.

This strain has good looks and tastes  and also relatively high THC averaging a high of 24 percent. The concentrations of CBD and CBN respectively reach 2% and 1%, which makes this a stellar strain for a host of ills. Blueberry and sugar have wonderful tastes and stay on your tongue and breath for several days after the cigarettes have vanished. You can buy BLUE DREAM online and get BLUE DREAM for sale online. Blue Dream's high is the strongest parentage that has been carefully bundled into a perfectly balanced package filled with flavors. It starts with a brain rush with motivation and focus, so you can enjoy it through any jam-packed schedule. As the top builds, you fall into a state of ultra-relaxation, leaving you uncomfortable and calm. You will find this engulfing sensation painless and ready for every task.


Everything about the Blue Dream is related to berries but it often has a citrus and sandalwood aroma. Its Haze parent is renowned for the spicy-citric taste that pervades all your senses as soon as you take your first hit. Its child will naturally continue in its footsteps, and the berry aroma only makes things even better. Buy Blue Dream Online.

You might even get a taste of lavender if you’re lucky enough. Sometimes, a grape after-taste might make its way to your taste buds. It all depends on the genetic inheritance of the plant, as well as the growth conditions. The plant looks, smells, and tastes incredible, and that’s a massive understatement already. Numerous consumers have claimed that it’s the greatest thing they’ve tried.

Even after you smoke it, the blueberry aftertaste will remain with you for many hours. You simply can’t escape it, no matter how hard you try. Blue Dream will follow you day and night as soon as you smoke it. But you wouldn’t want to get rid of the berry taste – it’s delicious, after all.





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